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Top {10} Best Blue Light Gaming Glasses to Protect Your Eyes

If you are a real gamer and spends hours continuously playing online and offline games on your computer, you must have faced eye strain or other eye problems.

If you don’t take necessary precautions to bring down these small eye problems, you must face bigger consequence later. Now you have 2 options, first one is to give up gaming entirely (I bet this is not possible, isn’t it?) or at lease spend less time sitting in front of computer playing games, second option is to take safety measures and use the anti-strain or blue light blocking glasses.

Finding the perfect gaming glasses that works better and affordable is quite a daunting task, especially when you are up for finishing the next level of “Call of Duty”, isn’t it?

So we sit down to fulfill this gap and came up with below list of best gaming glasses you can buy in 2020. They are affordable and do the job they are intended to i.e. “protect your eyes from strain and reduces UV glare and other eye problems”.

Cheap & Best Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

1 – Gamma Ray Amber Tint Anti Glare Eye Glasses

Blue Light BlockingThese glasses are a great product for gammers. The blue light that is harmful to eyes is absorbed by the lenses used in these glasses.


  • If you want to play games or watch TV for a long time you should these glasses for the protection of your eyes.
  • The plastic frame of these glasses has reduced the weight of this product. The weight is only 22 grams.
  • These are comfortable because of the flexible arms.
  • This frame is FDA registered and many users have highly recommended its use. It protects the retina of the eyes.


  • These glasses do not provide the magnification for reading.
  • The use of these glasses irritates sometimes.

2 – ANRRI Lightweight Eye Glasses Frame Filter Blue Ray

Reduces UV Glare

These are lightweight glasses designed for the blockage of blue light radiations emitting from the digital screen.


  • You can enjoy good sleep even after using these glasses for a long time.
  • It reduces eye strain.
  • ANRRI provides comfortable design and user-friendly services.
  • These glasses block the light that lies in 400 to 440 spectrum. This spectrum range includes both visible and invisible light.


  • The extremely light weight of the glasses reduce their durability.
  • The vision is not clear because sometimes blue dots appear on the lenses.

3 – Gamma Ray Optics Anti Eye Strain Computer Glasses

Blue Light Blocking

This product of Gamma Ray Optics has many benefits for the users. The users have highly recommended its use.


  • These glasses protect against UV radiation from computer screens.
  • The material of the glasses is very durable and comfortable.
  • The frame is designed in a professional look.
  • You can customize the magnification power according to the distance of your screen.
  • There is a pouch with the glasses that is free.


  • The lenses become a blur after some days.
  • The glasses are a bit expensive.

4 – J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Gaming Glasses

Gaming Glasses

These glasses are used for both gaming and reading purposes.


  • The UV lens blocks the radiations reaching the eyes.
  • The radiation that cause headache, insomnia, eye strain is blocked by the lenses used in the glasses.
  • The frame can be used by both men and women.
  • The HEBL cannot reach retina and eyes are protected against every type of UV radiation.
  • The magnification power is good and the lenses provide less color distortion.


  • You will see your eye-ball in the glasses that create a bad vision during the usage.

5 – GUNNAR Gaming glasses

Onyx Gunnar Glasses

This is a product specially designed for gamers. If you are gamer and want to protect your eyes from the harmful radiations emitted by the screen then you should got for these glasses.


  • GUNNAR eye wears are specially designed for the protection of eyes from blue and UV light.
  • The design of the glasses is very comfortable and it prevents the eyes from air currents also.
  • The lens material is haze-free and provides a clear image.


  • These glasses have some magnification power that tires the eyes.

6 – YAROCE Vintage Retro Round UV Filter Glasses for Men & Women

Computer Reading Glasses

These glasses can be used by men and women both. The glasses consist of blocking UV blue light filter glass.


  • The glass used in the glasses is made up of the polymer from Germany. This mirror does not chip or break.
  • These glasses reduce the eye strain one feels using the LED for a long time.
  • The glasses are designed to provide comfort to the users.
  • The computer vintage glasses stop the 100 percent radiation from entering the eye.


  • The spring used for the opening and closing of the glasses is not of good quality. It wears out quickly.

7 – KLIM Optics Blue Blocker Gaming Glasses

Non Prescription Gaming Glasses

These are blue light blocker glasses. All the products designed by KLIM are per the user satisfaction. The lenses are designed in Germany and can be used to reflect all the blue light reaching your eyes after a long day’s use of the digital screen.


  • The material used in making glasses is TR90. It makes the glasses lightweight and comfortable.
  • The glasses come with a protective case that you can carry easily.


  • These glasses only block some of the blue light radiations but not all.

8 – ALTEC VISION Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

Computer Reading Glasses

It is a great product launched by ALTEC VISION to enhance the enjoyment of the gamers. Gamers can enjoy fatigue-free gaming hours.


  • The design of the glasses is very comfortable. The gamers can enjoy the frame and can keep the lenses contact intact during gaming.
  • The lenses reduce the glare and increase the focus on the screen.
  • The technology of the lenses optimize the vision and make the gamer more comfortable while looking on any screen.


  • The effects of the design of the frame are not so good. The frame fits completely and makes the eyes airtight.

9 – GUNNAR Gaming and Computer Eye-wear

Reduce Eye Strain & Dryness

These glasses reduce the 65 percent of the harmful radiation reaching your eyes from the computer screen. If you use your computer daily for a long time then GUNNAR has devised this product as a solution for you.


  • These glasses are the best for you if you have to work on your computer during your job hours. The use of this product reduces eye fatigue a lot.
  • These glasses eliminate the dust impurities that can enter your eyes.
  • The material used for the glasses is very durable and the lenses are scratch-free.


  • The magnification to reduce the strain in your eyes is very small.


10 – Hyper X Gaming Eye-wear

HyperX Gaming Eye-wear

This product is specially designed for the blockage of UV radiations reaching the eyes during gaming.


  • The low color distortion makes this product good for smart gaming.
  • The glasses are light in weight and made up of durable material.
  • The blue color filter technology of the lenses also stops all the water or dust from entering the eyes.
  • You can carry your glasses with you as the product contains a case with it.


  • The use of these glasses for a long time can irritate eyes.
  • Sometimes the quality of the lenses used in the glasses is bad.

Gaming Glasses FAQ

Are Blue Light Glasses Good for Your Eyes? Or How Effective Are Blue Light Glasses?

Yes they are good for your eyes especially when you spend long hours sitting in front of a computer or a laptop, playing video games or doing some productive work J

Blue light that comes from digital devices, such as computer screens, are harmful to your eyes. If you wear blue light blocking glasses it can be helpful to your eyes and prevent eye strain and some glasses even provide protection against UV rays.

Are Blue Light Glasses Expensive?

No, they are not that much expensive, in fact computer glasses reviewed on this page don’t cost too much, the most expensive one here is $99! So looking at the fact that spending $99 for saving your eyes are always cheap, isn’t it?

When to Wear Blue Light Glasses?

Obviously use these glasses whenever you are using any digital devices, such as computer, laptop, or Smartphone. As stated above these devices tend to emit (artificial) blue light and excessive blue light can cause digital eye strain and sometimes headache.

So it’s better to wear blue light blocking glasses whenever you use above mentioned digital devices.

Why is Blue Light Glasses Yellow?

According to some researches, yellow and brown color help prevent blue light directly coming to your eyes. Thus most of the computer or gaming glasses that says they block blue light comes in noticeable yellow or amber ting on the lenses.


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