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Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Review

If you are a Hot Wheel fan chances are you must have heard or own the famous track set i.e. Hot Wheel’s Criss Cross Crash track set.

In this review of Criss Cross Crash we have tested and played with the track set and come up with this write up for help people like you who are skeptical whether or not buy this track set.

So read on to find out more about hot wheel’s criss cross crash track set.

There are four interrelating crash zones that are present in this track set. There is also a car feeder ramp present that is there for amped-up activities. The children can actually put their hot wheel cars one after another and can either rip them for complete wipeouts or rip them for misses.

The track is 16 feet long and consists of certain hairpin turns. There are also giant crash zones and motorized boosters present in the hot wheel criss cross crash track set. With this, the kids can actually enjoy bash and crash fun for a number of hours.

There are also parking spaces present and throughout the entire set, you will be able to get extra spaces as well as safeguards for the kids. It comes with a vehicle having hot wheels.

In order for these criss-cross crash track sets to function properly, you need 4D batteries that are not included within the set.

Salient Features of Hot Wheel’s Criss Cross Crash Track Set

Helps you to miss racing thrills or get the ultimate hit

This is quite a strong elevated device that has a total of eight tracks. There are a total of 4 interacting crash zones. These crash zones are able to deliver a very high speed and this helps your kids to get some crashing actions that are very much exciting. There is also a feature of car feeder present here. Children actually have the option lining up these cars and finally, help them to total wipeouts or near misses.

You are able to get crashing action with this tracks that are never ending

The tracks are as much as 16 feet long and there is also a zone of giant crash present. You will also be able to get hairpin turns as well as motorized boosters present in these tracks. The children can actually enjoy the crashing for a number of hours. Watching the criss-cross interactions as well as the maneuver loops is actually quite fascinating. The product weighs about 1.85 Lb.

Why should you buy the hot wheels criss cross crash track for your children?

    • Criss Cross Crash ReviewThis helps in satisfying your child’s curiosity and also improves his or her problem-solving
    • The presence of hairpin turns, motorized boosters, a zone of huge crash and challenging interactions make the competition all the more exciting, interesting and fun.
    • There is a ramp of a car feeder that makes the storytelling moments all the more interesting and the racing action is continuous.
  • There is one hot wheel vehicle that makes these racing adventures very much interesting.
  • There are a number of parking spaces available in these crisscross track sets that make storage quite easy here.
  • The creative skills of the kids are also improved with these crash track sets. This is a super fun set and children above the age of 5 years can actually play this.

Customer Reviews

hot wheels criss cross crashMost of the customers are very happy with the product. The customers say that this has actually helped in improving the creative skills of their children. They also say that it is quite reasonably priced and children can actually spend hours playing this game.

The crashing is extremely interesting as well as exciting for the children. This is undoubtedly one of the best products that you can gift your child on his or her birthday. This is also available in a very attractive color and children are sure to love it.

According to me, this is a very decent track that you can gift your child on her birthday. This will not only bring a smile on his or her face but will also develop his or her motor skills. The child can actually spend hours playing it and the time they spend playing it will thus be utilized quite effectively.

My Reviews

According to me, this is one of the best products available in the market. You can surely buy this game for your child and he or she is sure to enjoy it. I actually bought it for my child 2 years back and have found that his creativity has improved a lot. It also makes the child very competitive.

We live in a world where the child has to face a lot of competition to do well. So being competitive from childhood is certainly a good option. This will surely help the child in doing well in future.

Criss Cross Crash FAQ

Are only hot wheel cars able to run on this track?

No cars of other brands can run on these tracks. However the car that you want to run on this track should have the right height, width as well as the weight. It is important to ensure that the car that you buy should not be too wide. Otherwise one of the wheels of the car will fall off the track.

Is it easy to install and reinstall this track?

Installing this track is quite easy and when your child is not playing it you can easily disassemble it and put it in the storeroom. You can again reassemble it when your child wants to play with it.

The Hot Wheels Criss Cross track set has become very popular among children these days. This can be one of the best gifts for a child.


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