Coloring Games for Girls

Coloring the objects is one of the best hobbies for girls (small and big). This is a digital age and everything is happening online these days. There is no exception for coloring games too.

There are exponential online coloring games for girls to play free online without even downloading anything on the computer.

We curated a list of some of the most popular coloring games, see the list below:

1. Avatar World Coloring

If you are a fan of Avatar, then here we have an Avatar coloring picture for you. This is one of the coolest games available on the internet. In this game, you will be given a picture of Avatar standing in the woods. This picture is colorless and your goal is to color that picture using your skills.

You will be given a color box at the bottom of the screen from where you can choose any color and can even make color from any shade. Isn’t that cool? You just have to choose the perfect color and apply it to the specific area.

2. Color Witch

Who love drawing and coloring? Definitely everyone does. Color Witch is a full time amusement and a simple game with magical colors. A paint brush, variety of colors and a beautiful sketch, all that needs a creative mind to fill in.

Player gets different sketched colorless images and a paint brush to select colors, apply different coloring combinations and turn the colorless image to a colorful one easily.

Player can also save the colored image to his/her computer or erase all of colors with just a single click. Play Color Witch; grab the paint brush and happy coloring.

3. Alice in Wonderland Coloring

Nature has some flawless beauty. When we talk about colors of nature, our heart inside of us automatically become dancing. I mean to say that nature has some sweet beauty which we can never express in words.

The Alice in Wonderland Coloring game is just about the colors of nature. The Barbie doll stands inside of a garden in this game and the garden is surrounded with mushrooms, greenery, and grass.

There is also an awesome environment upside of the garden because of blue sky. You just have to fill the colors in that picture as you like. And there is also a type Pala in backyard of the garden.

4. Animal Park Coloring

The Animal Park Coloring game is another coloring game. Actually, this is a sufficient game to prepare your children for drawing. It is also necessary to enhance their drawing skills. The Animal Park Coloring game is very simple to play.

It also contains very easy approach on every game tool like color selection, section selection, and brush.

The image of an animal park will be displayed on your screen when you start the game. The image will have some animals like Lion, Deer, Panda, Elephant, Giraffe and the picture will also contain some kind of trees and grass.

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