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Top 10 Emoji Games You can Play Online Free

We are sure you must have encounter smiley faces small icons and other similar images and/or icons in your tech-savvy lifestyle, icons such as these 🙂 🙁 are familiar to you, right?

If you ever wondered what these small icons/images are then read on to know more.

These small icons/images are called Emoji.

What is an Emoji?

An Emoji is a small image or icon used to define an idea or emotion in message exchanging such as on social media and online communications.

According to Wikipedia

Emoji were initially used by the Japanese mobile operators NTT DoCoMo, au, and SoftBank Mobile. These companies each defined their own variants of emoji using proprietary standards. The first emoji was created in 1999 in Japan by Shigetaka Kurita.

From there on Emoji is part of almost all text messages exchange application, websites and social media sites as Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

There are so many games built and are using Emoji in some kind of forms such as Emoji Quiz, creating your own Emojis using characters etc.

Listed below are the top 10 Emoji games that you can play online for free.

1. Disney Emoji Blitz Maker

Disney Emoji Games Online

This game helps one to create his or her own personal emoji by building the emoji that one wants. This depends on one’s personality and the ability to differentiate different emojis in order for them to come up with a good emoji at the end.

This game can be shared via social media with friends thus giving you a chance to see how your friends can represent you if you were to be an Emoji.

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2. Emoji Quiz

Emoji Quiz Game

It tests if one has the knowledge about emojis. It is mainly based on one’s reasoning capacity, you have to click a letter in order for you to get an answer. If you get stuck, there are several hints that you would take so that you can get the right emoji.

This game can be shared via social media so that one can play with their friends to make the game more interesting.

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3. Baby Barbie DIY Emoji Pillow

Emoji Baby Barbie Pillow

There is a sleepover at one of Barbie’s friend; everybody is required to bring a pillow since there is no sharing of pillows. Baby Barbie wants to attend the sleepover but she doesn’t have a pillow. One is required to help her make a pillow out of emojis given.

One has to arrange the emojis very well so that they can bring out a unique pillow that Baby Barbie will take to the sleepover.

Baby Barbie loves to cut fabric and add fun stickers to different objects. She makes the objects look cuter and easy to decorate her favorite items. Baby Barbie uses emoji symbols to decorate her living room and her bedroom.

One is required to help Baby Barbie design something unique by using the emojis provided. You will also be required to help Baby Barbie to cut her fabric well so that she can come up with a good pillow that she can place it in her bed.

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4. Emoji Dress Designer

Emoji Dress Designer Game

In this game, one has the opportunity to design a beautiful dress by use of the smiley emoji patterns, given in the game. The first step one has to undertake is to choose a perfect shape that will go hand in hand with the emojis.

After choosing the shape, you have to apply the emojis correctly in order to bring about a cute and a unique dress that is presentable.

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5. Emoji Translates

Emoji Word Game

Unlike other games where one uses emojis throughout, in this game, one converts words and sentences to emojis. One requires a lot of imagination and logic reasoning in order to solve the words to emojis.

One can share this game with his friends via social media hence making the game more interesting. This game breaks the monotony of playing the emoji games since it involves use of words and sentences thus breaks boredom.

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6. Puzzle Emoji

Emoji Puzzle Game

In this game, the emojisare already made unlike the rest of the games where one makes the emojis.

Although the emojis in this game have been made, they are divided into separate tiles, and one is required to arrange them back into correct order. A lot of concentration is required in order to rotate the tiles correctly.

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7. What Emoji are you? QA Game

Emoji Quiz

In this Emoji question answer game, you are presented with few questions (around 10-15) with 4 options to choose from. You will then present with a question and you have to select an answer from the given answers, the questions are randomly generated and looks like something like “What is the first thing you do once you get to the beach?”

At the end of the game, if you finished answering all the questions, you will be presented with an Emoji that is suitable as per the answers you selected during the quiz. This is very interesting and sticky Emoji game.

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8. Which Emoji Are You Quiz Game

Emoji Quiz printable

In this game, the questions you are asked will clearly state who you really are, questions like which kind of people do you like? What are you really good at? What one likes to do during their own free time? One needs to take some time to reflect on the questions asked so that she can be answered correctly by the emoji which perfectly suits her.

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9. Family Emoji

Emoji Games Online Free

A family is made up of a father, mother, and kids. In this game, one combines different emojis to bring about a whole family that is composed of the father, mother, and kids. A lot of concentration and logic reasoning is needed as one places the emoji representing the family members.

For example, the emoji representing the kids should not be taller than the emoji representing the parents or the emoji representing the kids should look older than the emoji representing the parents.

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10. Emoji Connect

Emoji Puzzle Game Online

To play this game, one has to connect two emojis aligned in a path that has no more than three lines so that you can bring the emojis happy.

One has to find another emoji of the similar kind, but the path must not have more than three lines. One has to clear as many emojis as possible in the given time in order to achieve the maximum points.

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In the End

If you know any of the other Emoji games that you think should be listed on this page then let us know by using our contact us page, and if the Emoji game fits in our standard, we will add it


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