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Makeover and Dress Up Games for Girls

Dress Up Games for Girls

1. Amanda Goes To School Dress Up

When we talk about dressing games or dress up a game, one name should come in our minds that are The Amanda Goes to School Dress Up. This game is based on a doll’s story, the Doll who wants you to suggest her some clothes and some other accessories to getting ready for school.

When you start the game a beautiful cute doll will appear on screen with some dress variety. In this dressing option, there are also some beautiful shoes, hair styles, hair pins and some school bags. With all of those things, you have to dress up that beautiful doll and make it ready for school.

2. Trendy Dress Up

The trendy dress up is the game in which you have to dress up a beautiful and gorgeous girl named Trendy. In this game, you have to enhance and make a little increment in the looks of Trendy. The game contains some kinds of shirts, skirts, shoes, hand bags, hair, sun glasses and ear rings.

When you open this game a beautiful girl will appear in front of you. The dressing options will be displayed on the left side of your screen. You just have to click any dressing option to dress up that girl.

3. Cute Snowman Dress up

Snowman is one of the amazing gift of snowfall. Snowmen are cute, adoring and charming therefore, children and adults equally loveto make them. Cute Snowman Dress Up is a fun game that not only involves dressing up a snowman, but also involves making of a snowman from snow.

Player moves around his mouse to roll the snow and make a snowman. After making body of a cute snowman, there comes the dressing up part. Where player is provided with snowman hat, scarf, pointy nose, arms with gloves on it and buttons for cute eyes to dress up and make the snowman more attractive.

4. Happy Summer Time Dress Up

It is a dressing game that focuses on summer dressing. This dressing game allows player to dress up the beautiful girl sitting on a chair. Background theme is beach with shining sun and summer season. Dressing includes different stunning hair styles, lovely shirts, skirts, jewelry and shoes. Bikini, glasses and beach dress adds to the beauty of the girl.

Headscarf, ice-pops, glass of drink raises the overall elegance and glamour of the girl. Each new combination of dresses and wearable presents marvelous and unique look of the girl. Try every combination and dress her up for the best summer time experience.

5. Baby Twins Dress up Scene Decoration

Baby Twins is a dress up and screen decoration game. In which first you will dress up baby twins with the variety of shoes, caps, dresses, and toys. After that, you can play with them in five different locations and scenes. You can even rearrange all the stuff available in the room to play with.

After rearranging the room, you just have to press the show button and the baby twins dressed up by you will appear on the screen. It is really an addictive and interesting game. Girls of all age are going to like it.

6. Beauty Rush

Beauty salon gathered many beauties and the latest fashion style of clothes and some else related to girls. There are so many beauties gathered around the salon and each one is wanted to look prettier then the rest. Select each model and do the overall dress up one by one.

Makeover Games for Girls

1. Beauty Pageant Makeover

When we talk about beauty, every girl wants to be a Barbie doll. It looks strange when someone talks about beauty games but now it is true. Beauty Pageant Makeover is a Barbie makeup game in which you can convert a simple girl into a Barbie doll.

It’s too easy. In this game there are a lot of makeup tools like Facial creams, Brushes, Mascara, Eyeliner, Twister, Foundation, Blush, Spot healer, Lip gloss etc.

You will be surprised to hear about that you can easily ready a bride by using these makeup tools. And you will become familiar with many makeup and beauty tools.

2. Beyonce Tattoo Makeover

In this Beyonce Tattoo Maker game we are able to decorate the picture of Beyonce. In start the picture of Beyonce picture will be very simple but there are a number of options that could be used to enhance the picture of a Barbie doll.

In this we can change her hairs, her eye lenses, her ear rings, neck less, bras late and even tattoos and many more things.

It is easier then we can imagine. Just open the game and start applying tools. You will be enjoying playing this game. There is also some extra make up tools in this game.


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