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Cooking Games for Girls Online

If you are a girl and looking to play cooking games online, you have come to the right place, listed below are top 10 best cooking games you can play online without downloading them on your computer or laptop.

Here is the list of games in no particular order:

1. Anzac Biscuit Cooking

The Anzac Biscuit Cooking game is a type of a page in which you will learn that how to bake Anzac Biscuits. It is very simple and easy. First of all, when you will start the game, a kitchen will be appearing on your screen with all necessary things of this recipe.

The system will also guide you that how and when you have to use those things to bake Anzac Biscuits. Following thing will be used in the recipe: flour, brown sugar, coconut, oats, spoon to stir, Stove, Butter, Pan, Golden syrup, Water, Bowl, and soda.

2. Making a Perfect Wedding Cake

The Making a Perfect Wedding Cake game is one of the unique and awesome game. In this game, you will able to design a beautiful and tasty wedding cake. There are some tools that can be used to enhance the look of wedding cake and to make it more delicious.

When you start this game, the cake will appear along with all designing tools. You just have to select the designing options and have to apply on cake one by one. After designing the cake when you will be finished, the cake will display on the screen with beautiful background display.

3. Cooking Banana Bread

Bananas are one of my favorite fruits, I know you also like them very much. In this game, we are going to cook a banana bread. First of all, you will be given a lot of ingredients and fruits from which you will choose the ones you need to cook banana bread.

After that, with the help of cursor, you have to cut the bananas and then put all the selected ingredients in a mixer. Then add chocolate chips to the mixture and bake it. Now cut the slices of the cake and apply the cream on it. Yes! You have made your first banana bread now it’s time to present it.

4. Grill Pork Chops Cooking

Are you ready to become a master chef? Teach yourself how to make tasty grilled pork chops! This game guides you through all the steps that are needed to make delicious pork chops such as cutting vegetables, chopping them properly and then preparing mixture to apply to the pork chops.

Game consists of multiple levels and each level makes the player to nicely prepare the ingredients required for a yummy grilled pork meal. Timer in each level makes the game more interesting and challenging. Enjoy the game and prove your cooking skills by making hot spicy grill pork chops instantly.

5. Making Cake Anthill

Making cake Anthill is one of the best cooking games available on the internet. In this game, we have to help Kate to cook the cake “Anthill” for her boyfriend.In the game, first you have to prepare utter for the dough.

Then you have to move the products to the plate and rotate the cursor to mix them all to make the dough. Now you have to pinch off a piece of dough and move it to the baking sheet. After baking the pieces of dough, mix it with the whipped cream.Now Kate will present it to her boyfriend and he will give his remarks.

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