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10 Most Scary Games for PS4 – 5th Game is most Frightening

While PlayStation offers great variety of games. The scary ones take the breath away. The new games are realistic and scary at the same time. Make sure you are not alone!

1. Scary Games for PS4 – The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within

As you compare to its gore saturated pioneer. This game is based on your skin psychology. The game is that a father will get to know the fate of her daughter. Inside a world basically the world is in human mind. The interesting fight in this game the boss fight against a man who is heavy bleeding and flesh coming out.

2. Scary Games for PS4 – Friday The 13TH the Game

Friday The 13TH the Game

Basically the game is based on 1980s horror movie. This game is unsynchronized multiplayer game. The game consists of seven advisers. The main motive is to reach the top level of the advisers. In these game you can kill people, even use phone to call and can restart the cars.

3. Scary Games for PS4 – Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7

The publisher and developers of this game are Capcom. The experience is quite different in the part compare to pervious parts of resident evil. The game is designed in the estates of America and southern parts also. The slogan of the game is that no place is safe or nothing is truly safe.

4. Scary Games for PS4 – Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation

This game was released on seventh October 2014. It explains the true meaning of fear of the alien separation. The game is a continuation of horror in atmosphere of constant fear and fatal danger. The game is that a daughter enters the battle to tell the people about her mother vanishing story.

5. Scary Games for PS4 – Emily Wants To Play

Emily Wants To Play

It is midnight now you are going for your last food order on the last house. As you reached there the lights of the house are open. The door is also open it is raining outside you are fully wet you try to enter as soon as possible. The window of the house is covered with grass.

You think it is varied place to deliver the food but it’s your job you have delivery it by hock or crock. As you are inside you are shouting your food delivery is hear can anybody hear me.

There is complete pin drop silence. After a few minutes the front door automatically closed this things make you freak the he’ll out of you. But this not the end unfortunately it is the start of the game.

Now you are only thinking of to finish this food delivery and get the he’ll out of this house as soon as possible. In this wile of thinking you enter a veered roam trying to find what the he’ll is happening here.

You turn your back and see 3 dolls and a girl called Emily are also moving around you in the house. The question is now that if by mistake you are stuck with them in house. How will you survives and live alive this is the game.

6. Scary Games for PS4 – Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear

The game is based on the traps layer on the floor of the roam and surrounded with ghost. All of them in one small roam if you want to come close they are desperately waiting to kill you.

This is only a small phase of the game. You are a painter in the game your motive is when you reach your home. Or your studio’s to complete your previous work the only instructions you get is that finish it. This also one of the small part of the game. The game has extreme layers of fear. The game is related with the paint and the painter.

The game starts when you enter a room. Where the walls are all cover with different colors telling different stories. After a short time you hear a voice that is telling you. That you deserve all these pain and difficult happened to you.

Somewhere in the middle of the game you get stuck in a haunted house. And there is no way to go outside you are stuck with the ghost and on every flora there are traps. In this situation how will you survive and get the he’ll out of this house this is the small mission.

7. Scary Games for PS4 – Until Down: Rush of the Blood

Until Down: Rush of the Blood

The game is quite fast arcade style game. In the game it takes you to a very scary and full fear roller coaster ride. This is only a glance of the game. The game is based on virtual reality who loves to get triggered by the fear. The game consists of seven levels first one is the haunted lodge second one is the nightmare descent.

Third one is the hotel hell fourth one is that psycho cell block fifth one is that ghost town. And the sixth one is that mine of death and the last one final inferno.

The rest of the games…

The title of this blog post is Top 10 Most Scary Games for PS4 but listed here are only 7 games, If you are thinking why there is only 7 games are listed instead of top ten – the answer is simple as of writing this blog we have reviewed 7 games only (due to busy with other work) the remaining 3 games will be added later.

Note: if you are interested to suggest us more scary games like the above mentioned, please let us know by dropping a comment on this blog post, we are happy to review your suggested game and if found suitable as per our review – we will add it here.


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