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Play Free Non Download Games Online – Just Click & Play

Flash based games (play online without downloading anything on your computer or mobile) have been here from a long period of time and it was so popular during the pre-smart phone era.

Almost all video game enthusiasts have been playing and are aware of how popular and entertaining those games are.

But slowly, as the smart phone emerged and the iOS and Android became the defacto and everything now revolves around mobile apps, online games are no exception and slowly the flash based games are vanishing from the internet.

You can almost sure to get all the games as a mobile app now and almost every new game are being made specifically for mobile first that works and runs under the iOS and Android eco system and requires you to first download them on your phone/computer and then play.

But there are still many game lovers out there who still love and engaged in playing the flash based games to show their affection towards their old age friend – flash games – for few reasons.

Where to Find Non Download Games Online

First you don’t have to download anything on your computer or mobile to play the game and second there are still so many games that haven’t available as a smart phone app that can be downloaded, installed and played on your phone.

So if you one of them and are looking to looking to play the best non download games? You have come to the right place, here on girlygameon.com we have lot of free to play online games which you don’t have to download on to your computer to play them!

All the games listed on our website are flash based games which you don’t have to download, all you have to do is just click on a game you like and start playing for free.

We have a ton of latest and newest online games designed for children (specially for girls), but it doesn’t matter who you are, whether girl or boy, these games are so entertaining and easy to play that anyone with basic computer skill can play online.

Before you start playing any game, you have to make sure that your PC/Mac has flash player installed on your computer, most of the computers these days come with the flash player installed on it.

If your computer doesn’t have the flash player, downloading and installing the flash player is a breeze.

How to Play Non Download Games Online

Follow these easy tasks to download and install flash player

  • Open a browser and type in this url https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/
  • After downloading the flash player simply double click the file, the installation will be completed within few minutes
  • Restart your browser and you are good to play any game you like

If you are using a smart phone then make sure your phone playing of flash files, if it doesn’t then download and install app for playing flash games.

If you are using android phone then this link might be useful for installing flash on your android phone or tablet. And if you are an iPhone lover then head over to this link.

If you not able to play the flash file on your smart phone, even after installing the required application(s), contact us and one of our tech person will go through your problem and try to fix that for free.

We offer vast collection of free online games you can play without downloading anything, just choose the categories of games such as cooking games, dress-up games, Barbie games and start playing instantly.

Newest flash games are added on a regular basis, feel free to bookmark our website and visit on a regular basis so that you will get a chance to play will get to play the newest and latest games as it appear on internet.


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