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NERF Guns – Everything You Wanted to Know About

The world-famous toy brand NERF was started by Parker Brothers in 1970. It became a huge hit and sold millions of toys in the same year. It all started with foam balls that were widely used to play indoors as they did not damage any objects at home.

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The company is now owned by Hasbro. However, later they moved to manufacturing a host of dart blasters in 1992. It is said that they have sold enough darts in the last few years that come go around the world many times.

No doubt, their annual revenues clock a whopping $400 million. The unique aspect of this company is that they spend a lot on designing the equipment and they even have a huge warehouse to test their products in different environments.

If you think Nerf guns are for kids only then you are wrong! These guns aren’t just for kids the brand has a cult-like following among a number of adults who grew up playing with gun toys. Take an example of this Nerf gun fan group in the Bay Area of California who regularly hosts Nerf blaster battles with dozens of players takes part in the event.

If you are planning to buy the world famous NERF guns on this festive season for your kids or for yourself, read this FAQ about NERF guns, it will be helpful for you to know more about the toys before you buy them.

Where Do NERF guns manufactured?

NERF Guns FAQIf you are asking this questions yourself  “are NERF guns made in China?” then you are right, almost all of the toys and tech products are made in China these days, isn’t it?

Nerf guns are no exception, Nerf guns also are made in China and even the darts come from there. They use polyurethane to manufacture the darts which can be seen in various toys. The low cost of labor is the main reason for choosing such manufacturing hubs.

Are Nerf Guns Illegal?

There is no official law that bans the use of such toy guns anywhere in the country.

However, some states may differ on the use of such toys in public areas. In this situation, you are likely to mess with the cops if you are caught using it in public place.

Also taking into consideration the overall fear associated with gun violence in the country, it is a safe thing to avoid using these toys out of your home.

Are Nerf Guns Allowed On Planes?

NERF Guns FAQIf you are planning to carry Nerf guns on planes, you need to be aware of few things. To begin with, they are not illegal and you can carry them in your baggage.

However, different airlines have their own guidelines with regards to what is not allowed on board. It is a good idea to check with them before you plan to carry them along with you on planes.

In most cases, you should not have any problem as long as the package is completely sealed and you carry it in a baggage.

You should also understand the sensitivity of the issue and avoid using anything that resembles a normal weapon in public place. There are few airlines that completely restrict such items on planes.

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Are Nerf Guns Allowed In College?

Got hooked up with Nerf guns and want to have some fun with friends in college? Think twice, while many colleges do not have any problems with such activities as long as they do not disturb public, few colleges and universities have officially banned students from using them in the college premises.

Few years back around 2009 University of Colorado banned Nerf guns, students are using Nerf guns in an on-campus game called Humans vs. Zombies, and this is what the college management has to say about the ban:

Because cops seeing the handle of the weapon protruding from pants or pockets might think a student was packing a real weapon as opposed to one primarily used by children.

You will be surprised to know that this can even lead to suspension in many cases. The real problem with the usage of toy guns in colleges and schools comes with the over enthusiasm of students. They do not stick to the original harmful darts and pellets provided by the company. Instead, they use various plastic objects that can hurt someone badly.

For this reason, some schools and colleges are justified in banning these toys inside the campus.

Can NERF Guns shoot Real Bullets?

No they cannot. You might have seen some online videos that show how Nerf guns shoot real bullets. You should not believe them as most of them use only blanks. Technically speaking, they cannot shoot real live bullets. They are just plastic toys and can handle some plastic pellets at the max and come nowhere near to shooting a real bullet.

Are NERF Guns Waterproof?

NERF Guns FAQNot really. While they can comfortable handle few splashes of water here and there, they are not completely waterproof. The problem is that the spring and other screws can rust when they come in touch with water for a long duration. If you want to soak it completely in water and try to use it, you will be disappointed. Remember that they have lot of foam inside and even the darts contain foam that can stick to the surface when it gets wet. Keep it out of waters if you want to use it for a long time.

Are NERF Guns harmful?

They are not supposed to be harmful as the darts and pellets are made from foam. But the problem arises with people modifying the guns to shoot other darts and pellets. This can be very dangerous and there are numerous instances that have confirmed that these guns can be harmful when fired from a close range. Even when you are shooting a foam dart, you should be careful and not aim at any person or animal from a close distance.

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Can NERF Guns hurt Eyes?

It can be very hazardous especially when it hits the eyes. Nerf guns have caused a lot of harm for many people when they get hit in the eyes from a close range. Usually kids do not understand this and parents should be very careful when they provide such toys to kids.

Remember that the force of the dart is very high in the close range and you can get into trouble when it hits the eyes.

However, when used at a safe distance, they are generally safe. The company conducts various tests in this regard and you can rest assured that they are not harmful when used according to the guidelines of the manufacturers.

Always avoid darts manufactured by other companies that provide Nerf compatible darts made of different materials.

In the end, watch this NERF commercial and enjoy firing the bullets towards your enemies 🙂


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