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XBOX One X vs XBOX One S – Which Should You Buy in 2022?

The Xbox One console was developed by Microsoft and first announced in May, 2013. It is a successor of Xbox 360 and the third console in the family of Xbox.

It is a line of eight generation home video game consoles. It is the first Xbox console to be produced in China.

Xbox One is so good it competes with many of the game consoles.

Later on, Microsoft releases two other versions: Xbox One X and Xbox One S.

Xbox One X

XBOX One X vs XBOX One SXBOX One X vs XBOX One SXbox One X is a version of Xbox One. It is the younger sibling of both Xbox one and Xbox one S. It is a higher and better version of the Xbox One.

It is considered a high-end hardware version of Xbox One. It was first given the codename “Project Scorpio”. It is a limited exclusive “Project Scorpio Edition” pre-order.

It can be recognized by its dark gradient finish, vertical stand brace, and inscriptions “Project Scorpio” written in green on the console and branded controller.

It has been said to be a rival to PlayStation 4 Pro. It is a special launched edition with limited availability.

Xbox One S

XBOX One X vs XBOX One SXBOX One X vs XBOX One SThe Xbox One S is another high-end version of Xbox One with an all-digital version about to be launched.

It includes a blu-ray disc drive as one of its components.

It is pre-loaded with Forza Horizon 3, Minecraft, and Sea Thieves.

The all-digital version is yet to be released.

Major Difference between Xbox One S and Xbox One X

The major difference between both Xbox versions is that Xbox X can run the latest games with the crispest detailed visuals on TV sets with 4K HDR support while Xbox S, although sleek and fun to play games with, cannot run the 4K version of the latest games.

Xbox One X also has improved HDD speeds for faster loading in contrast with Xbox One S.

Release Date – One X vs One S

The 2-terabyte version of Xbox One X was first released in November 7, 2017. It has no 1TB version. Xbox One S has the, 500GB, 1TB version, and the 2TB version.

The 500GB and 1TB version of Xbox One S was released in August 23, 2016.

The 2TB version was released on the 2nd of August, 2016. The newer, all-digital version, of Xbox One S will be released in May 7, 2019.

Prices – Xbox one X vs Xbox one S

500GB Xbox One S is sold at $299 (1TB is sold at $349, 2TB is sold at $399)

The all-digital version is set to sell at $249.

Meanwhile, Xbox One X is sold at $499.

Hardware, Design and Connectivity

Since both Xbox One X and Xbox One S are part of one big Xbox family, the differences between them are majorly found on the inside. Microsoft simply made architectural changes in them instead of out-rightly throwing them out of the market.

Xbox One X’s graphic chip packs 40 radeon compute units in comparison with Xbox One S’s 12 radeon compute unit. The cores in the GPU unit is optimized and clocked at 1,172 MHz for Xbox One X unlike Xbox One S’s 914 MHz.

When it comes to physical design, Xbox One X has a matte black finish, giving a distinguishing mark from Xbox One S’s white finish. Xbox One X weight 2 pounds more than Xbox One S.

Both have identical port layouts on the back, featuring built-in power supply. They both carry USB ports on the front, although the sides on which the ports appear is different in both.

On Xbox One S, the eject button sits on the side of the disc slot. It sits below on Xbox One X.

Performance – Xbox one X vs Xbox one S

Xbox One X has more than 4.5 times the graphical performance of the original Xbox One and Xbox S. Due to the fact that Xbox One X is around 6 teraflop mark as compared with Xbox One S’s 1.40 teraflops. The gap in the graphic performance is huge.

Storage and Price – One X vs One S

Xbox One X comes with 1 terabyte of memory space while Xbox One S comes with 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 terabytes of storage space. Xbox One S’s storage type is 2.5 inch hard drive (5400 rpm) and 2.5 inch hard SSHD (Elite). Xbox One X’s storage type is 2.5 inch hard drive (5400 rpm)

Xbox One X is sold for 499 dollars. Xbox One S, on the other hand, is sold for $299(500 GB), $349(1 TB), and $399(2 TB) depending on the storage space. The all-digital Xbox One S is only 1 terabyte.

Resolution & Frame Rate – Xbox one X vs Xbox one S

Xbox One X carries a 4K resolution unlike Xbox One S. A console with that much power is considered to be the next big benchmark for game streaming.

Xbox One X is designed to enable ultra HD resolution gaming at higher frame rates, considering the original Xbox One struggled with 1080P to deliver anything over 30 frames per second.

Game Support and Backward Compatibility

Xbox One X takes extra power with better frame rates and native 4K support as opposed to other game stations.

Xbox one S vs. Xbox one X specs comparisons summary:

Xbox One S Xbox One S
XBOX One X vs XBOX One S XBOX One X vs XBOX One S
Model 1681 1787
Process 28 nm TSMC TSMC 16FF+
Transistors 5 billion 7 billion
Die size 240mm2 360mm2
CPU Architecture AMD Jaguar AMD-Customized Jaguar Evolved
CPU Frequency 1.75GHz 2.3GHz
CPU core count 8-core 8-core
GPU Architecture AMD Sea Islands (GCN 2) Bonaire type (custom 853 MHz/914 MHz UC R7 260/360 AMD Polaris (GCN 4) Ellesmere XTL type (custom 1172 MHz UC RX 580)
Unified shaders 768 (12 Radeon compute units) (896 installed, 2 CU disabled) 2560 (40 Radeon compute units) (2816 installed, 4 CU disabled)
Raster Operation Units (ROP) 16 32
Texture Mapping units 48 160
GPU Frequency 914 MHz 1172MHz
FP32 performance 1.40 TFLOPS 6TFLOPS


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